Our enthusiasm stems from a belief that the work we and our clients do is making a positive difference in the world. We also believe that all of us working together can accomplish far more than we could alone. That’s why Gigantic consciously promotes a culture of collaboration with our clients. We start by listening deeply to get to the root of the client’s communications challenges. Only after getting a clear picture of “what is” do we begin to develop a strategy for “what could be.” We actively invite feedback about how we’re doing. We believe the more information we have, the better we can serve our clients. We’ve found the result is a loyal clientele that chooses to work with us again and again.

From Research to Integrated Outreach

Our process is based on a belief in data: We research, develop strategy, test and continually refine our approach to achieve effective campaigns with measurable results. We believe in integrated outreach—campaigns in which each component works in concert with the others to amplify the overall effect. We reach the target audience from as many angles as possible—from a postcard received in the mail to a personal contact at an event.