Starting in 2015, Gigantic has worked with Carpet America Recovery Effort to provide marketing, education and outreach for the statewide California Carpet Stewardship Program. Over the years, our work has supported the Program’s development and success, leading to increased awareness of carpet’s recyclability, soaring recycling rate and to promote public drop-off sites for recycling.


The carpet stewardship program faces multiple challenges in getting messages about carpet recycling to multiple stakeholders, including retailers, recyclers, MRF operators, local government staff and consumers. Over the years, Gigantic has provided integrated marketing, education and outreach support for a Program that has shown significant success in the past few years.


  • Campaign Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Design

  • Collateral creation and distribution

  • Presentations

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Research

  • Earned media

  • Content creation and maintenance

  • Writing/Editing

  • Social Media

  • In-Person Outreach

  • Video Production and Distribution


The Gigantic team set up and maintains a database that includes details of all one-on-one contacts with some 7,000 stakeholders. Gigantic outreach team members contact hundreds of retailers each year to encourage uptake of recycling while informing about the Program’s progress. We produce multiple print and digital collateral pieces, signage, and video assets, along with event support, monthly e-news and social media and website updates.


Gigantic has supported the client with the creation and implementation of a detailed communications plan and a customer management database. Outreach to stakeholders has grown from the occasional letter to a fully implemented plan with measurable objectives for reaching several audiences. Our outreach work includes collateral design and distribution, provision and training of an in-person outreach team, and regular communication via website, e-news, press releases, conferences and meetings. Awareness of the organization and its goals has grown immensely. At the request of the organization, Gigantic participates fully in strategic planning and in expanded marketing/education/outreach efforts. As a result of the Program’s efforts, California’s carpet recycling rate reached 35% in 2023, an increase of 84% in five years.