Clean Water Program’s new look and strategically planned outreach are making waves in Alameda County. Gigantic designed a new program brand supported by outreach pieces and promotional items that relate directly to behavior change goals.


Clean Water Program Alameda County had an outdated image, including an ominous-looking logo. Most of their publications used cartoon-like illustrations that undermined the seriousness of their message. A strong brand and a cohesive outreach strategy was imperative for this program, which is implemented by 17 cities in the County.


  • Branding

  • Research

  • Strategic Planning

  • Concept Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting

  • Photography


Guided by the strategic outreach plan completed in 2009 along with survey data and focus group feedback, we created a new logo and tagline. We implemented the brand through event-based outreach, with giveaways such as a custom-designed seed packets and a non-toxic pest control recipe label, along with a quiz game and pledge posters. Gigantic designed a walk-through exhibit for the County Fair and two magazine inserts distributed in Alameda County newspapers: Reeds showed the relationship between our gardens and the water and Wheels by the Bay focused on car care and water health. Gigantic also created a simple, accordion-fold brochure that communicated the concept of urban runoff and designed a series of attractive reusable bags to raise brand awareness at the grocery store and beyond.


Feedback has all been positive and we continue to work with Clean Water Program. The new brand is serving well as a roadmap for the Program to move their look from indifferent to inspiring. In subsequent years we added measurement and evaluation to the plan, as well as media relations and community outreach through email marketing.