Creative displays and engaging games help people learn interactively.


Engage and educate people attending events while helping them learn to reduce, reuse and recycle.


  • Measurement/Reporting

  • Event Outreach

  • Design

  • Concept


For Clean Water Program Alameda County, we have designed many small, portable games for event booths that teach pollution prevention techniques. At the County Fair, we design 10x10 booth spaces with toss games, multi-media and use engagement “scavenger hunt” strategies to document interaction with visitors and our content. The latest booth uses a 3-hole toss game so players can learn that rain drops go in the storm drain, soapy water should go in the sink drain, and trash goes in the garbage can. For City of Oakland, a light-hearted interactive recycling game booth staffed with enthusiastic hosts helps the City of Oakland get out the word about how to recycle properly. A prize wheel draws them in; and the “Where Does It Go?” recycling sorting game leaves the player with a memory of how to recycle properly.


At 12 events, we’ve reached a diverse cross section of nearly 2,500 Oakland residents, including 1,853 game contestants. These numbers represent high-value interactions during which residents and staff engage in in-depth conversations about the recycling program. Not only does our booth at the Alameda County Fair usually win a few blue ribbons, we have documented 160-450 completed scavenger hunt forms each year.