Pledges help people commit to lasting behavior change. In our “Luv the Bay” project for Clean Water Program, photo pledges become part of an interactive, digital mosaic.


Clean Water Program members were tasked with attending community events to spread the litter prevention message. Evaluation metrics included the number of people talked to or brochures handed out. The challenge was to liven up on-the-ground outreach at events and provide an additional way to measure the public’s commitment to behavior change.


  • Concept

  • Illustration & Design

  • Digital Media

  • Event Outreach

  • Social Media


Commitments, in the form of pledges, have been shown to be effective in motivating behavior change, especially when made public. Gigantic suggested that event outreach staff collect pledges to document intent to “Stop Litter and Always Use the Trash Can.” Our staff used a photo booth setup, puppets, costumes and props to engage event attendees The photos were uploaded online into a digital mosaic mural, based on an illustration of the local watershed painted by a local artist. In addition, people were encouraged to upload their own images using the hashtag #luvthebay, through press releases and social media.


Over 1,400 pledges were collected at events and through social media advertising. The life of the campaign was extended as the mural was displayed at numerous libraries following the campaign.