Applauding Green Accomplishments to Keep Them Growing

POSTED ON July 9th, 2024 BY
Eight champions from five organizations were honored at StopWaste’s award ceremony—truly inspiring individuals.

Most of our work here at Gigantic is about helping our clients nudge people toward certain environmental behaviors—preventing food waste, composting organics, keeping dirty car wash water out of storm drains, and so many more. No matter the topic, it’s easy to focus on the need to change behavior more than the need to celebrate when we do see progress. But that acknowledgment, or “confirmation messaging”, is just as important as all the calls to action.

I was reminded of that insight recently when working on StopWaste’s Environmental Leadership Awards that each year recognize a handful of organizations for innovation and achievements in waste prevention, climate resilience and other areas of sustainability.

As part of the preparations for the award ceremony and presentation, I get to interview the champions at each of these organizations. What makes them prioritize environmental practices well beyond legal requirements? What are the keys to success? And how can local government agencies support and amplify their good work?

What I find is that without exception it is the initiative and commitment of individuals that makes these businesses, nonprofits, schools and other entities leaders in their field and can have ripple effects throughout their organizations and beyond. At Drake’s Brewing Company, champion Hal was a cellar master for years, consistently finding greener ways to do thi

Stef notes that it’s been fun working on the annual awards promo with Michelle Fay from StopWaste for all these years.

ngs that also benefitted the company—and becoming the company’s first Sustainability Manager. Champion Becky at Spectrum Community Services was successful in switching the nonprofit’s senior meal service from disposable to reusable foodware with partner Sparkl Reusables and support from her ED. At Mohr Elementary School, teacher Sarah and PTA lead Susanne created an outstanding, hands-on environmental and climate literacy curriculum that helped move their school district to pass a district-wide waste resolution.

Sharing and celebrating these accomplishments at the award ceremony was truly inspiring. It was clearly gratifying and energizing to the champions who had put so much effort and passion into their work, and amplifying their success will surely inspire others.

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