A coalition of state, local and federal wildlife agencies and nonprofits wanted to raise awareness of human disturbance of marine wildlife—before visitors arrive at the California Coast.


Respect Wildlife Coalition wanted to establish a brand, a social media presence, a website and messaging to support the efforts of groups like NOAA, California State Parks, National Parks, Marine Protected Area Network, and Sea Otter Savvy, with an attention-getting bold campaign. In addition, they wanted on-site signage and tools to assist volunteers with


  • Concept Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Illustration

  • Promotional Items

  • Event Tools

  • Web Design

  • Digital Promotion


Gigantic reviewed secondary research to establish the top 5 disturbance behaviors and developed a logo, a brand and a series of classic meme graphics to point out differences in perception between humans and animals. Wildlife researchers have documented that fear reactions in animals don’t look the same as in humans. In other words, how we think the animals feel when we interact with them, and how they might actually feel–can be drastically different. The meme series takes a fanciful approach to help get a “leave them be” message across to humans.


The promotional campaign reached hundreds of thousands of users across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Memes were shared by California State Parks, US Fish and Wildlife and hundreds of other local groups. The effort gained the attention of other lilke-minded private, nonprofit and public agencies. The campaign successfully launched an ongoing effort to promoting “Respect Wildlife.”